IT support contracts >>

IT support contract rates are negotiable. Rates vary dependant on scale | complexity | level of service required etc. 24/7 support available.


Prices start at £150 per month and are based on a rate of £85 per hour.


IT support (no contract) >>

Standard Rate: £125 per hour

Weekend / Overnight Rate (Emergency Support): £185 per hour


(A minimum charge equivalent to 1 hours labour is applicable where a site visit is required. For clients outwith the central borders travel charges may apply.)

web design >>

Costs vary according to a project's specific requirements, but the following should serve as (very) a rough guide:


Small site (approx 10 pages): £4000 + £35 per month (web hosting)

Larger site (15-25 pages): £8000 + £50 per month (web hosting)

Commercial-grade e-commerce site: £15K minimum


Website design / development is based on a rate of £95 per hour.


internet connections >>

Connections are available for customers with an IT support or web hosting contract with JCWORKS. Prices are competitive, starting at £25 per month for a business grade ADSL / ADSL2+ connection.


(All rates exclude VAT at 20%)